Fifth Chapter M.C.-Rochester
Clean and Sober Motorcycle Club
P.O. Box 104
Manchester, NY 14504

To whom it may concern,

The Fifth Chapter Motorcycle Club of Rochester, NY is a Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation. We are a clean & sober motorcycle club that was incorporated on the 31st day of May 2016. If you drink and use that is your business, but if you want to quit and can’t then maybe we can help. Staying sober is our business.

The club has purchased a building (363 Prospect Dr., Palmyra, NY) for the purpose of having a clean and sober social club where we can hold 12 step meetings for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We are self-supporting through our own contributions, and the kindness of others. Our intention is to provide a sober place for people to come and start their journey to recovery. We are also hoping to sponsor events such as spaghetti dinners, picnics, etc. Our intent is to have a place for folks to come and have fun in sobriety.  We are approximately two thirds of the way done with the renovations. We hope that anyone who has been touched by this disease and would like to contribute so we can complete the project and begin the start of a wonderful clubhouse for all to enjoy. If you would like to check out our building please feel free to stop by on any weekend and we will be glad to show you the progress of the facility.

 If you believe in your heart that this is needed in today’s society, especially if you know a loved one struggling with addiction, and would like to make a gift no matter how small or large, please feel free to send a check to Fifth Chapter MC-Rochester, NY (Charter) P.O. Box 104 Manchester, NY 14504. Thank you for your consideration and support. We would also accept any building materials or commercial type kitchen equipment to assist with completing this project. For more information please contact:


Terry Bauer – call or text 585-297-0500